Our Solution
Provide learners with high-quality online instruction, and on-site teachers who will keep them motivated and engaged.
Bring a complete, best-in-class computer science sequence to your school in a way that is effective, affordable and easy to adopt.

Expert Instruction

Nationally recognized high school computer science educators provide best-in-class instruction. Courses are designed by K-12 teachers for K-12 students, and mapped to a K-12 school year. Our courses are complete, not supplemental.

On-site Teachers

Whether a school already has a dedicated computer science teacher or not, Edhesive provides a complete range of tools, services, training and support that work for each school’s unique needs.

Student Community

Students exchange ideas and help their peers—both locally and around the country—in an online forum. The moderated forum also lets them post questions and get answers from Edhesive’s course instructor and teaching assistants.
How it works. You provide the teacher. We provide the content and support every step of the way.

Your Teacher

Your teacher doesn't need subject expertise, but they do need to know how to motivate and support students.


An online professional development course and forum provide the support and training your teachers need.


We provide course materials, along with resources for your teacher, meaning there’s no lesson planning or grading required.


While monitoring student progress, teachers help get questions answered and provide encouragement.
Why educators like us: Our unique approach offers schools an accessible, flexible way to enhance instruction, while ensuring students receive all the support they need.

Anywhere, Anytime Learning

By providing expertly authored curricula, Edhesive enables schools to offer computer science instruction, even if they don’t have experts of the course subject on staff.

Tools and Training

Coaches receive all the tools and services they need to mentor students, including data and analytics to track student progress and supplemental resource content to personalize instruction, as well as professional development and an online coach forum.

Student Support

Students meet with coaches in person at least once a week, collaborate with other learners from across the country in an online forum and receive real-time feedback from content experts online.
What's included? Get everything you need to offer our course at your school:

Course Materials

Our curriculum, featuring accomplishes instructors, includes both video and text based lessons and includes online assessments for many lessons. No lesson planning is required.

Tools and Training

Teachers receive all of the tools, services and training they need, including: data and analytics to track student progress, supplemental resource content to personalize instruction, online professional development courses, and an online teacher forum providing continuous support.

Student Support

Students collaborate and interact with other students from across the country as well as the course instructor and teaching assistants in a moderated, online forum that provides real-time feedback.
I see tremendous value in this approach. I believe any online instruction has to be guided.
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