Professional Development:
Get Ready to Teach Intro to CS (Python)
Open Enrollment.
Preparing instructors of all experience levels to teach Introduction to Computer Science

About the Course

40 hours
No prior computer science or technology teaching experience required.
Supplemental Course
Introduction to Computer Science
Get Ready to Teach Intro to CS (Python) is a robust, online professional development course that prepares teachers to confidently lead Introduction to Computer Science, the first course in our blended computer science curriculum. Participating teachers will build a foundational understanding of the curriculum, create a strategy for their own implementation, prepare for the first day of school, and continue their learning throughout the year.
With this asynchronous learning tool, teachers have the opportunity to learn and complete material on their own time and at their own pace, using summer months or break periods. The training covers content relevant to both new and experienced computer science teachers.
Topics will include how to:
  • code in Python and conceptualize course content
  • navigate and utilize Edhesive’s online course
  • pace course learning for themselves and students
  • differentiate teaching methods for varied learners
  • customize online modules for student success
  • manage a blended classroom with hands-on techniques
  • effectively use teacher and student support resources
While taking this course, teachers have access to the Introduction to Computer Science course, and Edhesive’s extensive support resources.

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