Professional Development:
Get Ready to Teach Explorations in Coding I and II
Open Enrollment.
Preparing instructors of all experience levels to teach Explorations in Coding

About the Course

Duration varies. Choose from
3-hour asynchronous course
4-hour live sessions (remote)
3-hour live sessions (remote)
No prior computer science knowledge or experience is necessary
Supplemental Course
Explorations in Coding I
Explorations in Coding II
This professional learning experience familiarizes teachers with Explorations in Coding I and II and prepares them to successfully lead a blended learning environment. Choose from three different variations of this program: 3-hour asynchronous online course, 4-hour live PD session with the courses' instructional designer, or individual 30, 45, or 60 minute live coaching sessions. All variations will prepare teachers to teach and support students in the courses.
The online course utilizes video, interactives, and activities. The live PD and coaching sessions can be scheduled at the teachers' convenience. Choose whichever method of learning works best.
All programs provide:
  • A comprehensive overview of the EIC curricular and instructional materials, including lessons, projects, assessments, and teacher resources
  • Illuminating key practices for teaching in a blended learning environment
  • Instruction in navigating and customizing the online course materials and gradebook
  • An exploration of the features and benefits of our unique Coding Environment and the dynamic Teacher Coding Dashboard
  • Ways to best prepare for the first days of teaching Explorations in Coding

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