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Get Ready to Teach AP CS Principles
Open Enrollment.
Preparing instructors of all experience levels to teach AP Computer Science Principles

About the Course

40 hours
No prior computer science or technology teaching experience required.
Supplemental Course
AP Computer Science Principles

Training and Support

Who should teach the course?

Teachers with any content background or level of experience who have an interest in teaching computer science are welcome. No knowledge or experience with computer science or programming is required. The AP Computer Science Principles professional learning model is designed to leverage the knowledge and expertise of all community members to enhance the experiences and competencies of participating teachers. Because the curriculum is project-based, teachers who have experience with PBL or teaching more open-ended content tend to be particularly successful -- but the course also includes a module on PBL with everything you need to know, so no experience is necessary.

Professional Learning

Teachers interested in teaching the AP CS Principles student course are encouraged to participate in a 6-week online professional learning course delivered by University of Texas at Austin's UTeach Institute in partnership with Edhesive. This online professional learning course is primarily asynchronous and will be starting in late June for a cohort of teachers. The course require a 40-hour commitment and focus on the following:
  • Familiarizing teachers with the comprehensive teacher materials and curriculum, often from the perspective of a student
  • Introducing teachers to the project-based approach necessary to teach the course successfully
  • Exploring background mathematics and computer science content in the context of course activities
  • College Board requirements and expectations for AP implementation
While taking this course, teachers have access to the AP Computer Science Principles course, and Edhesive’s extensive support resources.

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