Explorations in Coding II
Open Enrollment.
A beginning computer science course designed for middle school or early high school students.

About the Course

Grade Level
Appropriate for middle school or early high school grades
Student Prerequisites
Explorations in Coding I recommended
Teacher Background
No prior computer science knowledge or experience is necessary.
In this second course of the Explorations in Coding series, students advance their knowledge of foundational concepts and skills of programming and computer science (CS). Students build their understanding of programming through coding explorations, practices, and projects in Python, where they create animations, games, and other interactive programs. Supplemental online and unplugged activities foster students’ deeper understanding of big ideas in computer science as well as cultivate creative and critical thinking skills. Explorations in Coding students remain engaged and motivated throughout the course as they collaborate with peers, explore real world applications of computer science, and make personal connections to their own interests and experiences.

Course Goals:

  • Introduce computer science as an engaging and relevant discipline.
  • Develop foundational skills and knowledge in programming and computer science.
  • Strengthen problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Foster creativity, collaboration, and communication.
  • Explore issues raised by present and future societal impacts of computing.
  • Demonstrate that all students can be successful in computer science.


This course is organized into ten modules. Each module builds computer science competency through highly engaging, interactive coding projects as well as a series of online and unplugged activities.
Module 1: Experimenting with Loops
Module 2: Variables and Loops
Module 3: Intro to User-Centered Design
Module 4: Experimenting with Conditionals
Module 5: Improvement through Iteration
Module 6: Intro to Game Design
Module 7: Experimenting with Lists
Module 8: Automation
Module 9: Cumulative Review
Module 10: The Final Project

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