Explorations in Coding
Open Enrollment. Course begins August 2017.
A beginning computer science course designed for late elementary, middle school, or early high school students.

About the Course

Course Level
Student Prerequisites
No prior computer science knowledge or experience is necessary.
Teacher Background
No prior computer science knowledge or experience is necessary.
Specifically designed for middle school classrooms, this blended online course covers foundational concepts and skills of computer science. The course is designed to be fun, engaging, relevant, collaborative, and creative - and help demonstrate that all students can be successful in computer science. Students will build their understanding of core computing concepts through interactive project-based coding practices using a unique drag-to-text toolkit that helps students gain familiarity with Python syntax and commands. Additional online and offline activities will challenge students to problem solve and think critically.
Explorations in Coding is a great starting point for schools starting up a new computer science program, or seeking to enrich an existing CS program or course.

The course includes:

  • Semester-long and year-long curriculum options
  • Web-based lessons, activities, and code practices
  • Scripted lesson plans written for beginner teachers
  • Built in assessments, quizzes, and projects
  • Administrator accounts to manage multiple classes from one account
  • Progress tracking, auto-grading and gradebook
  • Implementation training, extensive teacher support and supplemental teacher resources


This course teaches the foundations of computer science and core computing concepts.

Topics include:

What is Computer Science, Computer Science and Me, Solving Big Problems, What is a Program?, History of the Internet, Big Data, and Cybersecurity.
Unit 1: Beginning in Computer Science
Unit 2: Computer Languages & Programs
Unit 3: Data Storage & Encoding
Unit 4: Introduction to Loops
Unit 5: Introduction to Conditionals
Unit 6: Lists, The Internet & Security

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