AP Statistics
Open Enrollment.
A course introducing students to methods for data interpretation and statistical reasoning.

About the Course

Full year
Student Prerequisites
Algebra II and strong mathematical ability. No prior statistics course required.
Teacher Background
No prior statistics knowledge or experience is necessary.
Students will explore how data interpretation and statistical reasoning can solve complicated, real-world problems. By learning to collect, analyze, and draw conclusions from data, students will develop skills relevant to the digital age and current workforce. The interactive course will challenge students to evaluate existing research and design studies of their own, using numerical and graphical techniques.
This course will prepare students for the end-of-course AP exam and is comparable to a first-semester, non-calculus college statistics course.

Meet the Teacher: Mike Porinchak


AP Statistics teaches students key concepts relevant to statistical research and analysis, including data collection and interpretation.
Unit 1 - Analyzing One Variable Data
Unit 2 – Analyzing Two Variable Data
Unit 3 – Sampling and Experimental Design
Unit 4 – Probability
Unit 5 – Random Variables
Unit 6 – Sampling Distributions
Unit 7 – Estimating with Confidence
Unit 8 – Significance Tests
Unit 9 – Comparing Two Samples
Unit 10 – Inference for Categorical Data
Unit 11 – Inference for Regression Lines
Unit 12 – AP Exam Review

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