Course Feature: Explorations in Coding

Explorations in Coding is a great starting point for schools starting up a new computer science program, or seeking to enrich an existing CS program or course.

Watch the video below to learn how computer science affects today's world.



About Explorations in Coding


Full Year or Semester Long options

Course Level


Student Prerequisites

No prior computer science knowledge or experience is necessary. 

Teacher Background

No prior computer science knowledge or experience is necessary.

Course Description

Specifically designed for middle school classrooms, this blended online course covers foundational concepts and skills of computer science. The course is designed to be fun, engaging, relevant, collaborative, and creative - and help demonstrate that all students can be successful in computer science. Students will build their understanding of core computing concepts through interactive project-based coding practices using a unique drag-to-text toolkit that helps students gain familiarity with Python syntax and commands. Additional online and offline activities will challenge students to problem solve and think critically. Click here to view the Explorations in Coding I syllabus. Click here to view the Explorations in Coding II syllabus.
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