5 Reasons to Learn Java

Java is a general-purpose language designed by its founders to be “simple, object-oriented, and familiar” while executing with “high-performance”. Java is the #1 most popular programming language in use today according to the TIOBE index for March 2018, and has pretty consistently maintained that rating for the past several years. Still wondering if Java is worth studying? Check out these 5 reasons to learn Java.

Easy to Learn

Since Java’s syntax mimics English, it can be learned in a short period of time. The language’s high-performance design handles the more complex aspects of the computer so the user can focus on programming. On top of this, Java must be checked for errors consistently during the process of programming, making the cultivation of a codebase over time less complicated.

Universal Usage

Using a JVM, or the compatible Java Virtual Machine, Java can be executed across multiple platforms. Both scalable and stable, Java doesn’t require rewrites to run securely on most any device, regardless of the framework or operating system.  

It’s Everywhere

Java is used for app and platform development and can be found in multiple places across both the internet and modern life. Facebook, Amazon, Minecraft, gaming devices, parking meters, car navigation systems, medical monitoring devices, and Android apps all use Java.

Job Opportunities

Since Java is used to develop Android apps and the backend of many websites, a plethora of software and web development jobs are consistently available to Java experts. A search on Indeed.com today revealed 65,915 available Java-related jobs in the United States alone. According to Indeed.com, the average salary of a Java Developer is $102,263 a year.

Supportive Community

Behind every beginning programmer must be a supportive community. With over 10 million Java developers in the world, the support needed for success in Java programming is easily accessible. Websites like Stackoverflow and GitHub offer great tools in an encouraging environment populated by seasoned professionals.


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