Case Study: Analy High School

Introduction: Expanded Programming Offerings

            Analy High School, located about fifty miles north of San Francisco in the town of Sebastopol, CA, boasts a student population of about 1,200 students. The public high school has been listed in Newsweek Magazine’s “Top High School List” multiple times throughout the past several years. Seeing a need for more computer science curriculum, math teacher Walt Hays designed a Beginning Programming class for the high school students. Hays had some programming experience already, learning BASIC himself as a 6th grade student and coding scripted languages while working in high tech at a software company. Enjoying teaching the programming class, Hays decided...

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Course Feature: AP Computer Science A

Our AP Computer Science A course in Java is a complete curriculum that teaches students how to solve real-world problems with programming.

Watch the video below to hear our course instructor Rebecca Dovi introduce the concept of commands in programming. 


About AP Computer Science A


Full Year

Student Prerequisites

No prior computer science knowledge or experience is necessary. Algebra I is required; Algebra II is recommended.

Teacher Background

No prior computer science knowledge or experience is necessary.

Course Description

Students will learn to design and implement computer programs that solve problems relevant to today’s society, including art, media, and engineering. AP Computer Science A teaches object-oriented programming using the Java language...

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Case Study: Alexander Hamilton High School

Introduction: Peaked Interest in Programming

             Alexander Hamilton High School (AHHS) is part of LAUSD, the second largest school district in the country. Because AHHS is located between Santa Monica and downtown LA, it attracts an economically and ethnically diverse student population from every area code. The Title 1 School has a student population of 3,300. Three years ago, AHHS’s robotics team won rookie robot of the year at the National Robotics League Competition, peaking the students’ interest in programming. They went to AP teacher Dina Kraemer, telling her that they wanted to learn to program and asking for a class at the high school. “I told the kids that they could start it if they went to their counselors and...
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5 STEM Skills to Apply Beyond the Monitor

STEM classes teach more than just Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Check out our list, then tell us what skills you've learned in STEM.


Hypothesized Problem-Solving

Programmers are constantly identifying problems and finding ways to solve them. Learning to write algorithms teaches a step-by-step, data driven approach to finding solutions. Learn the basics of writing algorithms with our Introduction to Computer Science course.


Practical Intelligence

Practical intelligence involves applying knowledge based on the specific environment around you. STEM courses inspire hands-on, process-based learning that promotes adaptability. Expand your practical intelligence with our AP Computer Science A course in Java.



Statistics inspires the ability to...

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Case Study: Kapa'a High School

Introduction: A New Pathway

            Kapa’a High School (KHS), located in Kapa’a, Hawaii, boasts 1,023 students who are divided into several Smaller Learning Communities (SLCs). When Principal Daniel Hamada returned to his alma mater in the 2010-2011 school year, he wanted to build a more focused school, framed based on student interest. Thus, the SLCs were incorporated, intending to give high school students the opportunity to take extensive coursework in subjects of interest to them. At KHS, there are two primary SLCs: the HOPES Academy, which has a service industry focus, and the IDEAS Academy, which focuses on engineering and design. With a college-like semester based schedule, the high school works to fully...

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STEM Resolutions

When you sat down to make your 2018 resolutions, did you think about what you could accomplish in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math this year? Try these on for size:


Take a programming course in a new language.

Already have experience with Scratch? Try Python!

Aced your Python course? Get into Java.


Do some fun at-home science experiments.

The winter weather is perfect for this frozen bubble experiment.

Find more awesome experiments here!


Get to know your city like a civil engineer.

Did you know that civil engineers are responsible for roads, bridges, airports, water systems, and more? Read here to learn more about civil engineering, then research online to see what engineers have created in your hometown.


Supplement your computer...

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Case Study: Orange High School

Introduction: Computer Science adds Performance Value

         Orange High School (OHS) is a public school in Pepper Pike, Ohio with a socioeconomically and ethnically diverse student population of about 650. Due to the high performance of AP students and the sheer number of tests administered in comparison with the modest size of their student body, OHS has consistently been ranked as one of the top schools in not only the state, but the country by Newsweek, despite competition from several private schools in the area. Orange offered AP Computer Science A/AB until 2007, but restructuring within the Math Department resulted in cancellation of the course.

         By late spring of 2013, the growing interest and demand for computer...

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A Special Message from Edhesive

Click the green "run" button below to see a special message from Edhesive, created via our coding platform in the Explorations in Coding course!



Case Study: Big Valley Christian School

Introduction: A Growing Advanced Placement Program

       Big Valley Christian School (BVCS) is a small private school in Modesto, California, established in 2001. Though there are only about 200 students in the high school grades today, BVCS offers 10 total AP courses to best prepare their students for their futures. Two years ago, Principal Sharolyn Larson and Assistant Principal Cindy Alavezos were searching for ways to increase their AP course offerings. With small enrollment numbers in such advanced courses, BVCS had to consider multiple angles, including the importance of the subject as well as convenience in implementation. The administrators settled on an AP Computer Science course, and called upon their most experienced computer and technology educator:...
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Course Feature: AP Statistics

Here at Edhesive, we’ve always had vision of expanding our STEM curricular options beyond computer science. After much demand, we’ve introduced a digital curriculum for AP Statistics. The course includes video lessons, worked practice problems, AP preparation resources, teacher resources, and a diagnostic test.

Watch the video below to hear why our course instructor Mike Porinchak believes that AP Statistics can easily be implemented at your school.


About AP Statistics


Full Year

Student Prerequisites

Algebra II and strong mathematical ability. No prior statistics course required.

Teacher Background

No prior statistics knowledge or experience is necessary.

Course Description

Students will explore how data interpretation and statistical reasoning can solve...

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