About Us
Edhesive makes online learning accessible, personal and meaningful. We combine online instruction from nationally recognized experts with the personal touch of local teachers, who offer students face-to-face guidance and support.

Our unique approach is driven by our belief that online learning has the power to reach all learners regardless of their location or resources, yet can only succeed if students feel a personal connection to it. Teachers at local schools who may or may not have expertise in the subject area meet with students regularly to guide, challenge and inspire them through the course curriculum. In doing so, students are enriched and motivated to do the work of learning in ways that technology alone cannot do.

Edhesive, incubated by Amplify and formerly known as Amplify MOOC, has made it possible for schools in 33 states to offer AP Computer Science for the first time, with impressive results. Students who completed our course in 2014 scored an average 3.3 on the AP Computer Science 2014 exam, on a scale of 1-5 (3.0 is passing). The national average score for the test is 2.95.

In addition, more than 5,000 students around the world have taken our course independently.

Our Team

Emily Grad
Edhesive CEO Emily Grad founded the MOOC coaching program while serving as the Executive Director of Program Management at Amplify. Prior to Amplify, Emily served as the Director of Production for The Daily, News Corp's mobile news app, and the Lead Creative Producer for AOL. Before moving to New York, Emily worked at various design agencies in Seattle. While in college, Emily worked as a substitute teacher and has a deep passion for using technology to make advanced curriculum accessible to all students. Emily holds a B.A. from the University of Washington.
Rebecca Dovi
Edhesive AP Computer Science Instructor Rebecca Dovi is a master computer science teacher with more than 15 years of classroom experience and a decade of experience doing professional and curriculum development at the state and national levels. Rebecca is on the Education Advisory Council for Code.org, a Google Fellow Trailblazer, and worked with the team developing and implementing the new Computer Science Principles course for the College Board as a pilot instructor. She is the recipient of the Aspirations in Computing Award from the National Council of Women in Information Technology. Rebecca is also a co-founder of Code VA, a nonprofit committed to expanding public school computer science offerings across Virginia.